Heritage Management Program

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 My project again gave me an opportunity to travel back to Ahmedabad this year and share my experiences and branding process. It was a great experience to discuss my work and issues put forward by the officials from various states.

The Sidhapur Story

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Yes yes! This is in India. A visual treat of hybrid styles called Sidhapur.

Some un-posted letters.


The Other Speakers

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It was an honour to be among some of the great achievers in their respective fields.
Here is what I could absorb.

My Presentation

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Some images of the presentation I shared.

Back to the Past

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Hello All.
It has been a long time since I made my last post on this very first blog of mine. The reason I am back after almost two years is due to a mail that I received. It had an invitation to attend a Management Training Program on Heritage Walk. A reason for me to go back! And I was on my way to experience or rather do the India Walk in a week's time, as the program had participants from almost every state of the country. 

Concept Explorations

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Few of the many concepts explored. Tried various different directions.


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Keeping in mind all the findings and analysis done during the research, I began visual explorations for the new identity design for the walk.

  • The major challenge here was to find a symbol that could read visually in different cultures and still convey directly the concerns of the culture .
  • The people of Ahmedabad should be able to relate to it. It should have the characteristics and sense of belonging to the city of Ahmedabad and not any other state of India.
  • The logo had to be adaptable in not only the brochures, but also many more other medias like banners, posters, badges.
  • It should be purely visual, so that the people can relate to it and have the textures and details of the old city of Ahmedabad.