Concept Explorations

Author: Mamata Volvoikar /

Few of the many concepts explored. Tried various different directions.


Author: Mamata Volvoikar / Labels: , ,

Keeping in mind all the findings and analysis done during the research, I began visual explorations for the new identity design for the walk.

  • The major challenge here was to find a symbol that could read visually in different cultures and still convey directly the concerns of the culture .
  • The people of Ahmedabad should be able to relate to it. It should have the characteristics and sense of belonging to the city of Ahmedabad and not any other state of India.
  • The logo had to be adaptable in not only the brochures, but also many more other medias like banners, posters, badges.
  • It should be purely visual, so that the people can relate to it and have the textures and details of the old city of Ahmedabad.