The Walk Flow

Author: Mamata Volvoikar /

The walk as it is at present, identifying the areas of improvement.

With the changes made we will get a more cyclic structure, hence increasing the number of people walking the walk.

Discussion with my Guide, Tarun. 13th May 2009

Author: Mamata Volvoikar /

Stated below are few points from the discussion which we had and which helped me move ahead.

~ Finalize on the communication needs
After all the analysis made, what do you actually need to do?
What is the need of the time?

~ Fix on the Target Group
Is it for first time visitors?
How will u make it more memorable that they visit again??
Or is it for the repeaters???

~ There are three ways of looking at it.
1. DIRECT - the direct use of images or identifiers.
2. METAPHORICAL- making use of metaphors.
3. ASPIRATIONAL - Second level of value addition, that adds the wow factor.
That rings in the mind of the viewer and adds to the memorable experience. Surprise.


Author: Mamata Volvoikar /

The Data collection and analysis stage seemed to be never ending. I decided to move on as I had already gathered enough data to help me understand the Heritage, the walks and to some extent the whole idea of 'Branding" it.

But being a student, the research stage will ever end, as there is still a lot that I need to know. As the project proceeds, I will definitely know what is missing and try to fill the gaps.

I began by trying to categorize the data as follows.